About us

The PREOL, a.s. Company was established on January 23, 2003 and acts as a competence centre for the production and development of biofuel within the AGROFERT, a.s. Concern. Its mission is:

  • Operation of a rapeseed oil methyl ester production plant in Lovosice
  • Trading in in-house products, fuel and biofuel in general
  • Cooperation on promotion and development of biofuel in the Czech Republic and EU (member of SVB, EBB, ČTPB)

The rapeseed processing and rapeseed oil methyl ester production unit can be divided into two parts. The first part is vegetable oil production for food purposes. The other part is oleochemical production of rapeseed oil methyl ester and glycerine. The entire plant is situated in the industrial chemistry site in Lovosice and operates state-of-the-art production technology of the DeSmet Ballestra Belgian-Italian giant enterprise. The modern plant processes 460,000 tons of rapeseed annually, from which it produces rapeseed oil methyl ester (biofuel), extracted and extruded rapeseed meal (feed material), distilled glycerine and oil as a raw material for the production of edible rapeseed oil.

PREOL, a.s. further participates in promotion and development of biofuel in the Czech Republic and European Union within the Association of Biodiesel Producers, European Biodiesel Board, Czech Technological Platform for Biofuel. In all these organizations it is a regular or associated member.

PREOL, a.s. has 130 employees at present.

  • 100,000 tons

    Annual consumption of vegetable oils for food purposes in the Czech republic corresponding to usage of  

    260,000 tons of rapeseed

  • 15%

    Oilseed rape is grown on about 15% of all arable land in the Czech Republic.

    Overall, at about 400 thousand. ha

  • 1 400th tons

    was the total harvest of rapeseed in the Czech Republic for the year 2016

    Nearly 500,000 tons of Czech exports