PREOL, through its subsidiary PREOL FOOD, Inc operates the most advanced refining factory of rapeseed oil, with a total annual production capacity of 30 thousand tons of edible rapeseed oil per year.

The company PREOL FOOD, Inc. is offering and delivering high-quality edible rapeseed oil produced in the form of refining its own raw materials for our business partners. It supply its customers quality product either in truck tanks, or intermediate bulk containers.

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Refined rapeseed oil

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Distilled Glycerine (E 422)

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  • 100,000 tons

    Annual consumption of vegetable oils for food purposes in the Czech republic corresponding to usage of  

    260,000 tons of rapeseed

  • 15%

    Oilseed rape is grown on about 15% of all arable land in the Czech Republic.

    Overall, at about 400 thousand. ha

  • 1 400th tons

    was the total harvest of rapeseed in the Czech Republic for the year 2016

    Nearly 500,000 tons of Czech exports