PREOL, a.s. (after the merger with the subsidiary PREOL FOOD, a.s.) has been operating a rapeseed oil refinery since January 1, 2023 with a total annual production capacity of 30,000 tons of edible rapeseed oil.

We offer and deliver to our business partners high-quality rapeseed oil produced by refining our own raw materials. 

Product packaging - only in tank trucks.

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Refined rapeseed oil

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Distilled Glycerine (E 422)

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  • 100,000 tons

    Annual consumption of vegetable oils for food purposes in the Czech republic corresponding to usage of  

    260,000 tons of rapeseed

  • 15%

    Oilseed rape is grown on about 15% of all arable land in the Czech Republic.

    Overall, at about 400 thousand. ha

  • 1 400th tons

    was the total harvest of rapeseed in the Czech Republic for the year 2016

    Nearly 500,000 tons of Czech exports